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Hamza Ghassan Hilal Aljaafari

Hamza Ghassan Hilal Aljaafari

Professional Ambassador

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Joined in: 20/04/2011

Brief About:

Hamza is a LEAD networking & system engineer. He is an expert with extensive experience in setting up and deploying system networks both hardware and software. His experience spans Microsoft System Servers; Linux based servers, LAN, WAN, WIFI and VPN technologies as well.

Besides, he has a long experience in firewalls, IPS and IDS, switching and routing covering Cisco, HP Procurve, Juniper, Scom networking solutions. Moreover, his professional experience extends to storage and back up technologies, HP SAN storage & data protector backup system.

The deployment of DR solutions is one of his deep knowledge as he is an EDRP certified. He has more know-how on Infrastructure security controls & management, IT Policy creation and implementation & policy fine tuning, Risk assessment, Packet/Payload Analysis, Incident Classification Handling & Reporting; and encryption solutions deployments as well.

Hamza has mastered & supported more than 38 various infrastructure projects under umbrellas of ITA, SQUH, MOL group & Insight LLC ,HRD vision, OIC since……. 6 years ago.

Am really proud to join the professional ambassador team.