OCERT Ambassador Program
OCERT Ambassadors Objectives

Following the vision of OCERT, the Ambassadors project is introduced to create a permanent link between OCERT and its constituents. As OCERT commits to Information Security Awareness it also believes in sharing knowledge and alone this cannot be achieved thus this project is introduced to broaden OCERT’s Knowledge Sharing base to include the public, college students and Information Security professionals.

Program Vision:

To have an active Knowledge Sharing Community in the Sultanate of Oman where every member contributes in OCERT vision and be an Ambassador of Information Security on the public, academia and professional levels.

Program Objectives:

  • Involve all OCERT constituents in the Knowledge Sharing Process.
  • Build communication channels between college students and Information Security professionals.
  • Give local Information Security professionals the opportunity to present their Researches to OCERT constituents.
  • Promote Research & Development activities among the community.
  • Encourage the constituents to be active in the awareness process through incentives.
  • Collect statistics through involving the constituents in the information gathering process.
  • Hunt for Talents within the sultanate.

Participants & Titles:

This program targets everyone in the Sultanate, however each group of Ambassadors will have different benefits and expectations thus titles will be given to all ambassadors to distinguish between them.

Different Ambassadors Titles
Participants Title
Public (Citizens & Residents) Ambassadors
Academic Students Academic Ambassadors
IS Professionals Professional Ambassadors