OCERT Ambassador Program
Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification, so please make sure to visit this page for updates.


  • OCERT shall not have any liability for any information and materials which may be provided on or through their social media such as websites or any related websites, regardless of the source of the information and materials.
  • Any modification to the information provided by OCERT through the Ambassadors Program Website without prior approval shall lead to a legal action.
  • This website will have links to external websites, which we have no control over the content. However we are entitled to remove any links that we feel inappropriate as we become aware of them.

Social Media:

  • OCERT (legal entity) shall not have any liability for any information and materials which may be provided on or through their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).
  • OCERT has the right to delete any posts or materials in their social media websites if it violates the professional conducts.
  • Members will be blocked and reported without their knowledge in case they posted any information or material that are considered false, disturbing, destructive criticism or against the Omani culture ... etc
  • Being part of OCERT Ambassadors Program as Followers, Friends or Fans doesn't mean OCERT is liable of any posts you put online.
  • OCERT welcomes feedback and ideas from Followers, Friends and Fans and endeavor to join the conversation when possible. However, we are not able to reply individually to all the messages from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Any information posted by in these social media websites by the members reflects their personal opinion and OCERT is not liable of such opinions.

Discussion Forum:

  • Registration to the forum will solely be done by OCERT as the forum will only be accessible by Academic and Professional Ambassadors. However, public topics will be visible to everyone.
  • Forum members nicknames will represent their true identity in terms of name and email.
  • New users are requested to change their passwords before starting to post in the forums.
  • Cookies must be turned on in your browser to participate as a user in these forums. Cookies are used here to hold your username and password and viewing options, allowing you to login.
  • Be Respectful! You have the right to discuss, argue and express your ideas, but once you personally insult or attack other members then you risk having your account suspended or deactivated. Moderators and Administrators are not exempt from this policy.
  • We don't tolerate inappropriate language and profanity and failing to do so will lead to account suspension or deactivation.
  • People who spam the forum with a considerable amount of posts will be suspended or banned immediately without any warnings.
  • Advertisements for companies, organizations, websites, or services are prohibited.
  • Any harassment against any forum members will be investigated and disciplinary actions will be taken immediately
  • The forum members should not violate copyrights or break other forms of intellectual property law.


  • All OCERT Ambassadors are responsible for updating their contact details with OCERT. Failing to do so will result in suspending their accounts for Unreachability.
  • The Ambassadors should obey by the professional rules of conduct, and should not abuse their membership states to harass, annoy or curry out unethical or uncivil act within the online community and the community as a whole.
  • The first offense by any Ambassador will result in a warning message being sent to the ambassador's email, if additional offenses occurred then OCERT will suspend the membership without any warning.
  • The Ambassadors aren't allowed to speak on behalf of OCERT in national or international events without prior approval.
  • Ambassadors being invited to meetings and gatherings are expected to attend, or sending apology email in case he/she won't be able to attend.
  • Awareness Materials being sent to the Ambassadors are the property of OCERT and shouldn't be modified or altered in any way.
  • OCERT Ambassadors Program uses a fair membership evaluation for Ranking Purposes and upgraded members will be informed privately via email.


  • All rights are reserved to OCERT and any violation of such rights will cause a legal action.