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Dr.Basant Kumar

Dr.Basant Kumar

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Joined in: 24/10/2017

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As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the CompTIA, Washington, D.C.(USA) and an established computer science Astt. professor, Program Coordinator(Master in Information Tech),researcher ,advisor and project guide of Modern College of Business & Science, associated with University of Missouri, St. Louis , USA & Franklin University Ohio, USA. have received numerous commendation letters and certificates’ have published numerous papers and articles, and pioneered in three-faceted approach to diverse Healthcare Applications using mobile apps. In addition, mentored over 150 graduate students whose projects were supervised by me. I have also conducted numerous in house training programs to faculty and staff members of Modern College of Business and Science, Oman as an integral part of Professional development program.

A former Indian Council of Argil. Research nominee and cyber Olympiad coordinator of Middle East region, tenured and dedicated Editor in Chief of International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research Acay (IJMRA) and reviewers of other prominent publications with over 25 peer reviewed publications in prestigious international journals and conferences.

Over the past decade, we have seen that cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated, stealthy, targeted and multi-faceted which may leverage zero-day exploits and highly creative interdisciplinary attack methods. Detecting and responding to such attacks by a highly motivated, skilled and well-funded attacker has however been proven highly challenging. Cyber security hygiene doesn't just affect the business, but everyone around them. And in the globally connected world we live in, that literally is everyone.

Cyber security is a shared responsibility. As an academician and professional in cyber security it is my responsibility to impart the knowledge of information security to our citizens to make a smart and secure nation. I am pleased to train the young minds as an integral part of an Ambassadors Program of Oman CERT.