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Intisar Humaid AL Farsi

Intisar Humaid AL Farsi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 14/05/2013

Brief About:

I am Intisar Humaid AL Farsi from Ibri , a third year student at Ibri College of Applied Sciences. I am studying IT (Networks), excellent common sense, and decision-making abilities. A self-motivated, hard-working individual with in-depth understanding of emerging technologies and their applications. A proficient user of word processing, internet programs and web page design.

I am applying for OCERT ambassador program. My career ambition is to become proficient in Information Technology (Networks) and to work with the youth in bringing out good changes to the society. I am still studying towards my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (IT, Networks), and I have been keen in finding out ways to intertwine IT and community development. As a student, I hope to get this opportunity, which will help me to improve my information security knowledge.