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Ambassadors Forum Launch

Ambassadors Forum Launch

As part of the continuous updates of the Ambassadors program we would like to announce the launch of the Ambassadors Cyber Security Forum. The forum will be a very active discussion tool for professionals and academics in the field of Information Security. The forum is packed with many features including:

  • Interesting dedicated forums
  • Thread based Topics and Replies
  • Simple interactive interface
  • Award Points system and Medals
  • Private messaging features
  • Friends and Buddy List
  • Thank, watch and tag topics as favorites
  • Polls can be added to posts
  • Receive notifications via email
  • Real identity avatars and accounts
  • Topics and posts search system
  • OCERT Campaigns forum
  • Latest Ambassadors program announcements

The Ambassador program is part of OCERT national responsibility toward promoting and building cyber security capabilities within the Sultanate.

This Cyber Security Forum is a closed communication channel used to interact with the Professional and Academic Ambassadors only.

We are expecting you all in the forum to enrich the process of knowledge sharing and building an active Information Security Community in Oman.