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Haider Al-Zaabi

Haider Al-Zaabi

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Joined in: 08/10/2018

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I believe it is important to share knowledge and be aware in the field of Cyber Security, and Information Security, especially that now all information and data we use and apply are stored in various networks and electronic devices that are connected to a global network, so it is our duty and responsibility to protect ourselves from any outside cyber threats that can access the sensitive information. I have been working in the banking sector, specifically in Risk Management, and I understand the important of IT and network security, as IT risks are one of the major risks any banks or financial institution can face, as in our current age all of the banking has transformed to the digital banking, with millions of transactions going on in a network, which is why its crucial to have all the cyber and IT defenses in place, to mitigate and eliminate risks.
I have also attended various cyber security courses and sessions, in which I continue to learn more about this field, and the importance of it. I believe I will continue to learn more about it, and share my knowledge in our society, to further add value and enhance our awareness in this matter.