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Salim Ali Al-Badi

Salim Ali Al-Badi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 26/04/2018

Brief About:

My name is Salim Al-Badi, I'm student in software engineering at Ibri College of Technology. I have a great interest in information security and I am learning more every day. I started a self-learning from 4-5 years until now.

I am spreading concept of information security in my community and social media. I established a project in the area of information security, one of the most prominent is LightBox: virtual pentesting Lab.

Joining OCERT Ambassadors Program will be a great opportunity for me to move into a higher level, learning more through participating, and get benefits from Ambassadors community. It will also be a great starting to spread the awareness of information security into the community.