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Huda Sultan Al Dhakhri

Huda Sultan Al Dhakhri

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 12/02/2018

Brief About:

Name: Huda Sultan Al Dhakrhi
Work in: Majlis Oman (RCA)
Work as: Network Engineer
Study: Msc. Computer Security and Forensic (Last semester in Majan College)
Qualification: Bachelors Degree Computer Engineer ( Graduate 2010 in Higher College of Technology)

I would like to join OCERT ambassador program to develop my information in security, strategies and policies to preserve security and share others my knowledge. Therefor I will be able to respond for any security problem and reduce their impact. also I will be aware of the importance of cyber security among the Omani society and recommend others in order to prevent from being attacked. Also I would like to join The National Digital Forensic Laboratory and develop my experiences in forensic and dealing with digital evidence on electronic crimes and provide it for the law in order to implement the actions legally set for these crimes.