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Yaqoub Khamis Al Anbari

Yaqoub Khamis Al Anbari

Acadamic Ambassador

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Joined in: 08/03/2017

Brief About:

  • I am a teacher in the field of special education deaf hearing and unfortunately, a large number of deaf people are exposed to a number of problems of extortion and need to be sensitized.
  • I participated in a number of awareness programs in the fields of fields and this area I have not touched upon. I have a passion for his field.
  • I participated in a number of groups and voluntary associations and they need to raise awareness about the most important threats or technologies that cause their concern.
  • My entry into the field of information systems allowed me to go into the technology and I am ready to cooperate with my knowledge .
  • My personal orientation to peer education and awareness requires me to research what is important to them. And information security is one of the areas that are refined from my abilities