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Zaima Alsalami

Zaima Alsalami

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Joined in: 29/09/2015

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As I have been in a close relation to the awareness team in OCERT, and I have got the owner to be a member who represent the ministry of higher education in this team in the past 2 years, I realized that society is in a great need to be aware about the risks related to information technology. In the ministry of higher education, I have the role of the head of information security, and I worked with a specialized team from the information security division in ITA to make a security assessment that targeted all the networks and physical infrastructure, and from that I acknowledged all the risks and vulnerabilities that are sensitive and need more attention. Therefore, I did an initiation to create an information security policy with some help from consultants from ITA. From my long experience that extended to 18 years in the ministry of higher education in different areas and directories, I realized the risk of human mistakes such as disregarding, extra trusting, or snooping. I studied information security in my master of information technology, and I knew how hackers have renewed techniques to stole information from victims, and I have got many training from ITA and form the ministry where I work to get a closer view about their tools and how are the open sources help them. From all of the above, I think that I can give a hand to OCERT in awareness regarding information security, sine I did many awareness sections in the ministry of higher education.