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Rua AbdulSalam Alkharusi

Rua AbdulSalam Alkharusi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 09/07/2015

Brief About:

My name is Rua Alkharusi. am 24 years old and graduated in 2014 from Higher college of Technology with a Bachelor in Internet and E-Security. I wanted to join the Ambassadors Program in order to learn new things in the IT Security field and keep updated with the latest Security issues facing Oman and the world in general. Also ,as an IES graduate, i hold part of the responsibility of educating citizens using the Internet and the electronic services provided by the Omani government to achieve 2020 vision and other organisations that use Information systems to provide services to serve and make citizens' life easier which will teach people how to protect them selves from being victims of cyber crime is very important for them and for organisations, and how to give information systems some kind of trust to be used. The Ambassadors program is where, i believe, the right place to join to do something that beneficial to Omani society and build strong structure of e-security knowledge for me and for other citizens.