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Abdelnasser Abdelaal

Abdelnasser Abdelaal

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 13/01/2014

Brief About:

Abdelnasser M. Abdelaal has earned his PhD in information technology from University of Nebraska at Omaha. He also received his MS in computer science from the same university. He worked at Nebraska University, as a researcher assistant, technical support agent, teaching assistant, and instructor for 9 years. His research focuses on quality of service, call admission control, low-cost designs, business models, and socioeconomics of community wireless networks and innovations. Abdelaal is one of the founders of the Omaha Wireless Network and The Half Way House Wireless Network, USA. He organized a number of mini-tracks and panels on community wireless networks in major International conferences and summits. He has published more than a dozen of papers on community wireless networks in international conferences and journals. In addition, he managed and participated in a number of Information Technology for Development (IT4D) and community empowerment projects. In addition, he edited a book titled “Social and Economic Effects of Community Wireless Networks and Innovations.” He also provides consultation regarding broadband policy, emerging innovations and IT4D. He is the founder of the Green IT group and the Ethical Hacking Group at Ibri College of Applied Sciences.