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Eman Said Salim Al-Saidi

Eman Said Salim Al-Saidi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 19/04/2014

Brief About:

Eman Said Salim Al-Saidi. Network and E-Security student.

In recent years, the information revolution is taking place in the world and Oman in note the increase in the proportion of users of the Web especially for social media sites and increase the direct correlation of electronic crimes.
Unfortunately, the culture of security awareness and information among members of the community especially in the category of young people under the legal age is in low level. Therefore, it is imperative for us as workers in the sector of information security to deploy the culture so that the users are fully aware of their rights and duties in the virtual world.

My vision is to spread the knowledge of information security to all Omani society to curb cybercrimes and their impact on society and minimize losses as much as possible.

I hope to realize this vision through Oman National CERT and to be on enough responsibility to deliver my message to the Omani society.