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Mohammed Salim Al Abri

Mohammed Salim Al Abri

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Joined in: 22/04/2014

Brief About:

My name is Mohammed Salim Al-Abri, I am living in Birkat Al-Mouz that administratively come under Nizwa wilyate. I have two academic certificates, one diploma from SQU in Information System, which was taken in 1999. The second is bachelor degree in Computer Science from college of Middle East, in 2010. I am working in Ministry of Health since 1994, as IT specialist. Currently I am doing master degree in Information System at SQU.

I would like to join Ambassadors Program; due to Information technology had tremendousness development specifically in the hardware, software, databases and telecommunications. This development made the human interacts more easily as they living in one village. This interaction taken place in big network called internet, which has the good and bad things. This led to more alarm about the security of information and how to deliver them with confidentiality, integrity and make them available whenever is needed.

Moreover, the information security has objective to allow users to work efficiently and effectively, and are able to access accurate information, when they require it. Oman CERT one of the many world's organizations, which aims to, fulfils the objective of the information security.

One of the aims of Oman CERT is to educate the people on how to protect their information from theft and misuse and how to protect their devices against fraud (e.g. phishing scams), and from different attacks including viruses, spyware and other malicious software. In the same context, I want to join OCERT knowledge sharing community to contribute with this initiative of the enhancing the concept of information security in Oman.