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Kareema Al-Ghafri

Kareema Al-Ghafri

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Joined in: 20/01/2014

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I’m Kareema Al-Ghafri, graduated from Higher College of Technology with a BA degree on 26 \ 12 \ 2012. I started working in the Ministry of Legal Affairs on 29 \ 9 \ 2012 as information security Specialist. My terms of reference include making sure the integrity of the data that coming in\out of the ministry. Also, manage the use of internet via (TMG). In addition, I make sure that all devices in the ministry are safe and have antivirus.

I attended several workshops and courses in the (Active Directory) as well as First Cyber Security Ambassadors Gathering. I decided to participate and join Ambassador Program to develop my skills as well as learn about the latest news, events and courses related to information security.