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Osama bin Bashir Faraj Bait Obidoon

Osama bin Bashir Faraj Bait Obidoon

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 22/01/2014

Brief About:

My name is Osama bin Bashir Faraj Bait Obidoon working at Ministry of Education as a technician Science Laboratory and a member of a team of e-learning Department of Information Technology in Dhofar. I want to join Ambassadors Program to safe information and to extreme information technology as well as helping members of the community to reduce the technical risks that could occur for network users. In addition, educate Internet users from threats and technical risks that threaten them if they use the Internet incorrectly as an honor to attend lectures and courses offered by Oman National CERT; however, I did lectures and workshops many times in the field of Information Technology.