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Hisham Khalid Al-Roshdi

Hisham Khalid Al-Roshdi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 12/04/2013

Brief About:

Nowadays the technology revolution is entering and affecting every part of our daily life. Nobody can go through his daily routine without interacting with technology . Starting from our homes and going to our work or education we are dealing with technology. Also we see and heard the government plans to transfer to e-government after His majesty command and vision to enhance our life and provide the services to the citizens easily and in the lowest effort.
All this improvements and changes in the plans, visions and the infrastructure of our country to be more compatible with technology create some challenges and issues as expected that we must solve and avoid in order to use the technology in the right way . One of these challenges is the information security which became one of the most knowing challenges in technology fields globally.
Many counters around the world goes through this issues and already find some solutions for it .We have to move and improve ourselves in this area in order to protect our electronic borders which is considered today as main part of our national security.
This is a responsibility of the educated people in the society especially those who majored in technology related majors or in security majors. For that reason I want to be part and active member of your team, to participate as much as possible in your effort in this area. To help people and guide them to the best practices of using technology and minimize the risk of it as much as possible. I will be very proud and happy to be part of Ambassadors Program.