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Maysa Zahran Al-Hinai

Maysa Zahran Al-Hinai

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 03/07/2013

Brief About:

My name is Maysa Zahran Al-Hinai, 22 years old. I am a student in Nizwa College of Technology, and my specialization is Internet and E-security. Now I have finished my advance Diploma (Fourth year), and I will complete my study in Higher College of Technology.

I would like to join OCERT Ambassadors Program for several reasons. The most important reasons is to teach more about my majority, in addition to get more experience in Information Security filed by meet people who are interested on Information Technology. On the other hand, this program will give me an opportunity to cooperate and work as one hand. Also, to apply all my skills that I had learnt before.