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Hassan Ali Al Ajmi

Hassan Ali Al Ajmi

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Joined in: 31/03/2013

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Hassan Al Ajmi Omani citizen and was born in the north of Oman specifically in the city of Sohar. Completed my university education in Salalah Technical College majoring in information technology and then completed my studies specialist in one of the private colleges to study a bachelor's degree in computer applications.

During the study period engaged to work in the KOM for generating one year and then went to work in the private sector in one of the state-owned companies and that I still work as the head of department of Information Technology. During my career I prepared a number of specialized international certificates in networking and information security and because of my interest in information security.

During 2010 I take decision to complete my Master’s degree in information security and networking. Optional was the University of Liverpool to study specialization. I finished the study during the past month of March 2013 and I'm still waiting for the final results of the scientific research.

I love volunteering and I want to educate the community as I have specialized knowledge in the field and the field work. So I decided to get involved in your program because it meets the desire and ambition that I have. Disseminate knowledge and educate people is very fun and interesting. Personally I take it as a social and scientific responsibility.