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Mahmoud Zahran Al Waili

Mahmoud Zahran Al Waili

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 12/12/2012

Brief About:

I am Mahmoud Zahran Al Waili, an MA holder in ICT in education and English Language supervisor in the Ministry of education, one of my responsibilities is to train and supervise teachers and supporting them to use technology in their teaching. I am also a teacher trainer qualified by the British Council.

I have also participated in so many international conferences and have published some researches about using technology in teaching and training. I am also willing to take part in any conference or forum with regard to safe utilization of technology in the various academic fields and also I am willing to share ideas in the form of presentations and workshops.

Some of the papers I published were Online teacher professional development in Oman which I presented in Dubai. Another paper was Action framework for teacher e-training which I presented in Spain.

Becoming an more experienced in cyber safety would definitely help me improve my skills in ICT and ensure that my teachers, and others as well, would work in safer environment when they use technology or the internet. The increasing care given to the use of online and internet technologies really force us as supervisors to be quite knowledgeable in this field.