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Halima Ali AL-Harrasi

Halima Ali AL-Harrasi

Acadamic Ambassador

Rank 2

Joined in: 08/10/2012

Brief About:

I graduated from College of Applied Sciences, Ibri 2012. I have a Bachelor degree in Information Technology field specifically IT security. I have an interest to increase my knowledge about every things that is related to technology field.

I joined OCERT Ambassadors program to be in communication channel with the security professionals and other ambassadors, so that we can share all issues that are related to security.
In our daily life we just concern about the minimum level of security, but today and because of the problems that appear every day we should give more consideration on the security to protect ourselves from viruses, malwares, spam, and more. In this program I would like to update my knowledge and experience in IT security. Moreover, I want to get the latest news about IT security issues to keep away from everything that may harm me in the future.