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Mohammed Salim Al-Mahrooqi

Mohammed Salim Al-Mahrooqi

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Joined in: 26/04/2011

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Challenge and rapid change are fascinating many people, including me. Computers and technology are used extensively in a diverse range of places and environments that would encourage many students to enroll in. I finished my secondary school in Adam in 1998. Then, I completed my study in Sultan Qaboos University and specialized in information systems in the college of commerce and economics,. I finished my degree in 2003. Three months later, I enrolled in the Royal Air Force of Oman and still working there till now. Right now, I am the officer commanding of communication and information technology flight in Ghala base and Sultan Qaboos Navigation Academy. Our main job is to keep the hardware and connections alive and secured by monitoring and maintaining the COMMS & IT infrastructure. At work, we always organize contests and parties from which I learn how to listen to different opinions and develop my communication skills.

In my free time, I read subject magazines such as PC Magazine to stay up to date with new developments and surf the internet such as arabcrunch forum to expand my knowledge. I am a member of KnowledgeOman forum which is specilised in IT and delivers online lessons. Lately, I passed a French basic course and I got the highest score . My family is my inspiration so I participate in all occasions. I usually play football with my friends and dine out with my family.

Digital security is one of my main interests. Currently, IT security is more important than ever. Besides, I have attended many courses in security and networking, but I need more training in order to support my career. Also, it is vital to all people in order to protect their data sources and prevent digital attacks. Unfortunately, most of them are not familiar with IT security and risks might occur when they misuse technology. ITA is playing a huge role in the Sultanate. It is the leading authority for spreading the knowledge of information technology in the society and I want to be part of it.